Tyrosinemia is

a rare genetic



Hereditary (Genetic) Tyrosinemia

may also be called


Hereditary Tyrosinemia
Type 1 is the most
common type of
tyrosinemia and

is treatable.

A low-protein diet program should be applied

in addition to medical treatment.

Nutrition has

a crucial role in the

treatment of tyrosinemia.

Children with tyrosinemia should adopt

a natural protein-restricted diet as a lifestyle.

Raising awareness of friends and relatives

under the supervision of parents and teachers is

imperative in ensuring compliance to the diet.


Usually occurs in the neonatal period and childhood. If left untreated, tyrosinemia leads to serious health problems in tissues and organs.

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While the only treatment option was liver transplantation in the past, it is now possible to treat this condition with medication and diet.

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Nutrition is critically important in the treatment of tyrosinemia. Patients with tyrosinemia require special diet programs with low protein content, especially low in phenylalanine and tyrosine.

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